designjunction is billed as ‘London’s leading design destination’ and presents a carefully edited selection of both leading international design brands and emerging designers making their name, offering ‘a much-needed alternative to the traditional trade show’.

With over 300 events across the city, the London Design Festival is now bigger than ever. Which is where a show like designjunction comes into its own. From its industrial venue, a 1960’s postal sorting office in the heart of central London, it houses the very best in furniture, lighting and product design from around the world as well as pop-up shops, bars, restaurants, flash factories, seminars and screenings. All under one roof.

Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel are the branding partners for designjunction, in charge of the design and art-direction of all visual output – from the concept development for the advertising campaign through to the website, event collateral and signage. The identity itself centres around the use of a directional chevron device (taking a cue from the ‘junction’ part of the event’s name) and a display font, Le Corbusier, which is based on an early 20th Century zinc stencil font and has a functional quality that fitted with our concept for designjunction.

The ‘volume’ of these elements are then turned up or down according to the context in which they are used. So, for example, the typography is more prominent on the website where the chevrons are used in a muted colour beneath the site’s content. Or the chevrons are used as a blind deboss on printed invitations with foil-blocked typography on top. Whereas they take centre-stage when used as part of the wayfinding and signage at the event.

This year designjunction grew into other areas as well with the creation of the West End Design District within the streets of central London, as well as the launch of lightjunction, London’s first trade fair dedicated to high-end decorative lighting. Since its inception in 2011, designjunction has gone on to reach global recognition, with satellite editions of the show in Milan and more recently in New York.


The display font used for designjunction is based on an early 20th Century zinc stencil font.

Wrapped furniture, delivered to the venue, announced the arrival of designjunction. Photography by John Hooper.

Invitations blind debossed on 540gsm Colorplan

Spreads from the newsprint Visitor Guide

Spreads from the West End Design District guide which uses chevrons in a W pattern

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